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Pooja Angra – A renowned Indian Vocalist in the UK.

Bestowed with a melodious and mellifluous voice quality, Dr Pooja, a classical brilliance scaled new heights under able guidance and training by distinguished musicians and academicians – Swami Triloki Nath, Kharati Lal Taheem, Prof. Baldev Narang, Ruby Banerjee, Dr A.S. Paintal and Prof. Geeta Paintal of Agra and Indore gharana.

Having performed at prestigious platforms such as All India Radio, Indian National T.V. Doordarshan, BBC Asian Network, BBC Solent, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan London, Nehru Centre Indian High Commission London, Wiltshire music centre, Art Asia, Gem Arts, Exeter Respect festival, with numerous stage shows on record, Pooja has carved an immortal imprint on the hearts of music lovers in India and across the UK. Recently Pooja has been awarded ‘Grant for Art’ for her project ‘Gaata Rahe Mera Dil’ by Arts Council England.

Pooja was conferred with a PhD in Indian music by Delhi University India. Pooja’s irresistible music taste buds, consistent practice sessions and exceptional teaching skills established her as a great teacher. She has given many workshops and presentations at numerous institutes of repute.

Pooja performs various music genres ranging from Hindustani classical, Semi-classical, Devotional, Bollywood, Sufi, Ghazal to Punjabi folk. Her experience ranges from teaching individuals and groups, practising the authentic approach to Indian music as well as collaborating with Eastern and Western musicians.

Pooja, a firm believer of pursuit of excellence is undoubtedly a pride of Indian music. Her collaborations with world class musicians have been applauded.

Pooja’s performances are so spiritually charged! She translates you to another dimension, as you become absorbed by the enchanting sounds and rhythms. Don’t miss this inspirational experience!” Heather Savini, Audience
I’ve had the privilege of listening to Pooja both live and recorded and can say that she really stands out from the crowd. Her bhajans are sung with great passion and with a voice that has great clarity, dynamic range and melody that you feel totally immersed in the singing. Needless to say I have become a huge fan of Pooja and would never tire to listening to her singing any time of the day. Ravi Parmar, President Vedic Scoeity, Southampton
Pooja is a very talented, well-trained and very innovative vocalist who is capable of rendering classical, devotional, semi-classical and Bollywood music with ease. Dr M.N. Nandakumara, Executive Director Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, London